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Pen Refills & Inks by Type

To browse our pen refills by type please choose the appropriate category below.

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Bottled Fountain Pen Ink

Bottled Ink

Bottled fountain pen ink is the most economical way to refill your fountain pen. Bottled ink also gives access to a vast array of colours which are not available in cartridges. These inks are suitable for any brand of fountain pen.

Fountain Pen Cartridges

Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are the most convenient way to refill a fountain pen especially when working away from your desk. Available for all brands of pen that we stock and will also fit many others.

Rollerball Pen Refills

Rollerball Pen Refills

Rollerball pens have increased enormously in popularity in the last decade or so, rollerball refills use a water-based ink which is more flowing than a traditional ballpoint. Nearly all rollerball pens have a cap, the relatively recent introduction of capless rollerballs has clouded the distinction from ballpoints somewhat, however, if you have a capped 'ball pen' then it almost certainly a rollerball refill that you need.

Ballpoint Pen Refills

Ballpoint Pen Refills

Ballpoint pens, commonly referred to as Biros (the Bic tradename) use an oil-based ink, are water-fast and do not dry out. Ballpoint pens do not require a cap (and almost always do not have one), rather, they have a push-button or twist mechanism to propel the point of the refill from the pen for writing. We carry refills for all of our pen brands. These refills are suitable for many other brands too.

Mini Ballpoint Refill

Mini Ballpoint Pen Refills

Mini ball point refills are used extensively in multifunction pens and smaller pocket sized diary/organiser pens. The most common type of mini pen refill is the D1 ballpoint refill which has been widely adopted by the pen industry. We sock these refills from many manufacturers as well as other rarer and model-specific mini pen refills.

Gel Pen Refill

Gel Pen Refills

Gel refills are a relatively new type of refill which use a water-based ink with a thickening agent often similar to that used in foods (however, please do attempt to eat any gel ink!). The thickening agent allows the ink to hold heavier, and often more opaque pigment. Gel pens tend to lay down more ink than standard ballpoint or rollerball refills and this can mean that they run out sooner. The refills in this section can often be used to replace a standard ballpoint or rollerball refill in many pens.

Fineliner refill

Fineliner Refills

Fineliner refills have a very fine slightly flexible tip, the flexibility of the tip gives a more forgiving, flowing writing experience than a rollerball or ballpoint pen. For this reason they are much loved by some users and are ideal for quick jottings or writing at speed. Many fineliner refills are interchangeable with rollerball refills as they have the same shape body.

Fibretip Pen Refill

Fibre Tip Refills

Fibre tip refills have a bullet shaped point similar to that found on a felt-tip colouring pen. They tend to lay down a much thicker line than a fineliner and are most suitable for those with larger writing and are also ideal for marking documents. Many rollerball refills are interchangeable with fibre tip refills and fineliner refills as they have a common body shape.

Space Pen Refill

Space Pen Refills

We stock the original Fisher Space Pen refills as well as Diplomat's Spacetec refills. These innovative refills are pressurised with nitrogen gas to regulate the flow and force the specially formulated 'solid' ink from the refill as you write. This enables the refills to write upside down for prolonged periods of time, over damp paper and greasy surfaces. The Fisher Space Pen refills also come supplied with an adaptor allowing them to be used in place of standard G2 'Parker style' ballpoint refills, the most commonly used refills in retractable ball pens.

Mechanical Pencil Leads

Pencil Leads

We carry a wide selection of replacement pencil leads from 0.3mm to 5.6mm in grades from 4H to 2B. Produced in ISO standard diameters, these quality replacement pencil leads resist breaking and can be used in any make of pencil.

Eraser Refill

Pencil Erasers

Handy eraser refills for mechanical pencils and multifunction pens. Generally brand and model specific, we carry every style of eraser refill for each brand that we sell.

Highlighter Refills

Highlighter Refills

Our range of highlighter refills fit many refillable highlighter and multifunction pens. These are the refill products for the highlighters in our selection.