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Engraved pens and pencils

Here at the Pen Company we offer a free engraving service. If you see our 'free laser engraving' symbol on the item you're viewing, you have the opportunity to personalise the piece with a bespoke name or message. Perfect for a gift, to add professional branding or simply to make sure nobody accidentally borrows your favourite pen.

How can I get my hands on an engraved pen or pencil?


Select a product from our selection of engravable items. We have over a thousand to choose from, which you can narrow down by brand, price, product type, colour etc. using the filter options on the left hand side of the page.


Once you've found the perfect item from our search page, click through to it's product page to see more photographs and information about the product. Beneath the price of the item is an option box. This is where you choose the colour, type, nib width etc. of the item.

If engraving is available for the item you're viewing, you’ll see an 'ENGRAVING' section where you can enter the name, initials or personalised message. When you type into this text entry box you'll be presented with engraving options specific to your product.


Add your message (double check the spelling!) Choose a font and select one of the engraving positions available for your item (Cap, clip, barrel etc.) The position of the engraving will determine the character limit of your message. The number of characters remaining for your message is displayed beneath the text entry box.

It may be possible, in some instances, to fit one or two extra characters into the engraved area depending upon how many wide (M or W) and how many narrow (i or l) characters are being used. If you choose to use more than the recommended number of characters and we can fit them in, they will be engraved. If not, we will contact you and explain the available options. The total number of characters includes letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation.

Once you've added your message, selected your font and chosen your engraving position you can add it to the basket and checkout as normal. We'll do the rest. If we have any questions we'll be in touch to make sure we get it exactly right. If you have any queries, please contact us here.

Engraving Positions

Many pens in our catalogue can be engraved in multiple positions, whilst others may only have one suitable position due to the finish, material or design of the pen. Each product page shows the positions that pen can be engraved, together with the nominal number of characters that can be engraved at that position (this will vary between positions depending upon the available space).

We engrave within the positions listed below. The actual position may vary slightly depending on the item and the available space or shape of the area being engraved. We will use our judgement and experience on the best position on a per item basis.

If you would like the engraving in a specific place within the chosen position, just let us know either in the comments box during checkout or we'd be happy to discuss your requirements over the phone. If we don't receive additional instructions before the point of engraving, you have accepted that we will choose the optimal position of the engraving as described above.

The diagrams below show each of the positions that may be available. Not all positions are available for every pen.

Standard cap position.
Cap (Reverse)
The reverse cap position is usually offered where the normal cap position is unavailable due to a brand logo already being present. Also suitable for left handed writers as this side will be most visible when held to write.
Cap end
A subtle way to personalise a pen with a few initials.
Some pen clips are suitable for engraving, and offer a unobtrusive way to personalise the pen. May result in a slightly smaller text size.
For fountain pens and rollerball pens we will usually restrict the area of the barrel for engraving so it is not covered if the cap is posted onto the back of the pen.
Barrel (Reverse)
The reverse barrel position is usually offered where there is a brand logo on the usual barrel side, also suitable for left handed writers.
Barrel end
A subtle way to engrave the pen with a few initials, we would usually offer the cap end if this was available, but due to branding this is not always appropriate.

How will my engraved fountain pens and pencils look?

Our Laser engraving and marking is extremely precise. Unlike traditional mechanical engraving (either diamond or with a burr), our state-of-the-art laser engraving involves no mechanical contact with the work piece, so there is no chance of the pen being damaged in the process.

Laser engraving on metal pen parts cuts into the surface, usually leaving a slightly different colour of engraving. The colour will vary from metal to metal and also depends upon whether a piece has a surface coating or finish – if it does, the colour of the engraving will contrast with this.

Laser marking on plastic parts is less predictable and will generally result in a colour change of the marked area, sometimes combined with an engraved or embossed surface. If you’re interested in a plastic pen part being engraved but have some reservations, please do get in touch to discuss the result.

Could I choose different fonts, add a logo or engrave multiple positions on my custom engraved pens?

In addition to the free engraving detailed above, we offer a more comprehensive service using almost any suitable font, multiple engraving positions, and incorporating logos or emblems. Prices for this extra service start at £5 and we will be pleased to quote a firm price on request.

If you have any queries regarding our free or comprehensive engraving services, please contact us here.

S.T. Dupont Liberté rollerball pen with logo engraved on front and reverse of cap

Could I get engraved pen sets or have multiple items engraved for my business?

We engrave batches of pens for our business customers. We can provide you with engraving on luxury pens for specific occasions and events or larger quantities of pens for general promotion of your business. Please see our Corporate Gifts page for more details.

A batch of branded Lamy AL-Star fountain pens