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Pelikan Pens

Pelikan's history stretches back to 1832 when the chemist Carl Hornemann founded an ink factory in Hanover Germany. The company was subsequently bought by employee Gunter Wangner in 1871. Wangner took his family emblem, a pelican, for the company logo and Pelikan was born.

Pelikan produced the first bottle of its well-known Series 4001 fountain pen ink in 1901 and it's first fountain pen in 1929, a pen with Pelikan's now trademark green barrel.

Today the Pelikan Souveran fountain pen collection is regarded as one of the finest ranges of fountain pens in the world. The Epoch series - a recent addition - brings modern German design to the Pelikan range.

You will find a review of the Pelikan Pura fountain pen on our blog.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page please contact us as we are able to supply you with any item you desire from the Pelikan collection.

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Pelikan Maki-e Five Lucky Bats Fountain Pen

Maki-e Five Lucky Bats

The Maki-e technique is a traditional Japanese art of decorating metal and wood with lacquer or paint. This Limited Edition Maki-e pen pays homage to the traditional craft of Taka-Maki-e, which combines techniques such as raden and kirigane. Bats are associated with luck and good fortune in both China and Japan and this very special Limited Edition 'Five Lucky Bats' fountain pen features five bats, as well as a four leaf clover motif on the clip to add luck. The lucky bats motif is a symbol that brings five kinds of luck: wealth, health and mindfulness, virtue and grace as well as to die without worry or regret. The Limited Edition 'Five Lucky Bats' is limited to an edition of 123 pieces worldwide. Each fountain pen features an 18 carat, two-tone gold nib and is presented in a special traditional Japanese pen box made of paulownia wood.
Pelikan Souveran M1000 Fountain Pen

Souverän 1000

HK$4,824.74 - HK$5,217.87
The classic oversize fountain pen revered throughout the world.
Pelikan Souveran 800 Pens and Pencils

Souverän 800

HK$2,430.24 - HK$4,109.96
The classic Pelikan fountain pen revered throughout the world.
Pelikan Souveran 600 pens and pencils

Souverän 600

HK$1,929.90 - HK$3,002.06
The classic Pelikan fountain pen revered throughout the world, in the medium 600 size.
Pelikan Souverän 400 Black-Red Fountain Pen

Souverän 400

HK$982.77 - HK$2,608.93
The 400 model presents the second smallest in the Souverän range. Five finishes include bright colours in Pelikan's distinctive striped barrels with black resin and a tortoiseshell finish combined with white resin.
Pelikan Souverän 300 Fountain Pen

Souverän 300

The 300 model presents the smallest in the Souverän range. Available in Pelikan's classic green and black striped barrels.
Green-Marbled Pelikan Classic 200 Fountain Pen

Classic 200

HK$657.59 - HK$964.95
Pelikan's Classic 200 range features uniquely marbled barrels combined with high quality glossy black resin and includes an entirely black variation. 23 carat gold-plated accents complement all finishes to great effect.
Black Pelikan Classic P200 Cartridge Fountain Pen

Classic P200 Cartridge Fountain Pen

HK$786.25 - HK$857.73
Due to popular demand Pelikan have introduced the P200 fountain pen to provide an additional model specifically for use with ink cartridges to the Classic 200 range. High quality glossy black resin combines with 23 carat gold plated accents.
Pelikan Classic M205 Duo Highlighter Fountain Pen
The 'Duo' name refers to Pelikan's intentions during design; to create a pen and ink combination capable of highlighting important lines in a text, whilst also enabling the writer to jot down their own notes. The specially-developed vivid yet translucent ink and fountain pen achieves the intended goal and has picked up numerous product design awards.
Pelikan M805, K805, R805

Souverän 805

HK$2,430.24 - HK$4,109.96
The Pelikan Souverän 805 offers a palladium-plated silver counterpart to the globally revered Souverän 800 range. Three distinctive finishes include the 'Stresemann' finish, named after the stylish anthracite pinstripes of the Nobel Peace Prize winning foreign minister, Gustav Stresemann.
Pelikan M405, K405, R405, D405

Souverän 405

HK$1,429.55 - HK$3,002.06
The 405 model offers a palladium-plated silver counterpart to the smaller Souverän 400 model, the second smallest in the range. Three distinctive finishes include the 'Stresemann' finish, named after the stylish anthracite pinstripes of the Nobel Peace Prize winning foreign minister, Gustav Stresemann.
Blue-marbled Pelikan Classic 205 Fountain Pen

Classic 205

HK$857.73 - HK$964.95
Pelikan's Classic 205 offers a chrome-trimmed counterpart to the Classic 200 range. Available in a white or black glossy resin finish or as a uniquely marbled blue variation.
Pelikan Classic P205 Cartridge Fountain Pen
The Classic P205 provides a cartridge-friendly version of the M205 specifically for use with ink cartridges. Glossy black resin combines with chrome-plated accents.
Pelikan Classic 215 Rings Fountain Pen

Classic 215 Rings

HK$893.47 - HK$1,107.90
The Classic 215 features high-quality brass with glossy black lacquer circled by chrome-plated rings, presenting an eye-catching variation to Pelikan's Classic range.
Pelikan Toledo M900 Fountain Pen

Toledo 900

HK$11,436.42 - HK$12,151.20
The stunning Toledo 900 features ornamentation know as Damascus patterning. A single piece of sterling silver is plated with gold before being engraved by hand, making each motif unique. Due to the complexity and craftsmanship required only 50 pieces can be made each month.
Pelikan Toledo M700 Fountain Pen

Toledo 700

The 700 adds a smaller profile to the exquisite Toledo range, which features ornamentation know as Damascus patterning. Thin gold film is pressed onto barrels formed from a single piece of 925 sterling silver before being engraved by hand.
Pelikan Pura Pen


HK$679.04 - HK$700.48
A sleek combination of highly polished and matt anodised aluminium in a choice of black, blue or silver. The Pelikan Pura is available as ball pen, rollerball pen and fountain pen.
Pelikan Griffix


HK$84.53 - HK$126.66
The Pelikan Griffix children's range progresses in 4 stages as the child's writing skills improve. The first stage is a wax crayon pen which can be held in either hand. After the child has determined which hand they use they then progress onto a chunky 2mm pencil available in right or left handed versions, then on to the fibre tip pen and finally on to the fountain pen. The Griffix is available in blue, green, red and pink.
Pelikan Twist Pen


HK$67.76 - HK$82.72
A fun and modern pen with a twist, with an ergonomic grip section and rubberised finish the Twist is suitable for all age ranges.
Pelikan Pen Refills
Original Pelikan refills.
Black-Green Pelikan Pen Pouch Case for Three Pens
These fine leather pen cases are the ideal choice to safeguard your Pelikan pen.