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Sailor Pens

The Sailor Pen Company was started in Hiroshima, Japan, after a British sailor demonstrated a fountain pen to Mr Kyugoro Sakata in 1911. After this first encounter with a fountain pen Mr Sakata, an engineer, decided he would produce his own fountain pens and Sailor the company was born.

Nearly 100 years after its foundation The Sailor Pen Company still has a mission to create the finest, most elegant and highest specified fountain pens in the world.

All Sailor pens are still produced in Hiroshima today, with a determination to maintain the heritage of high quality and unique writing instruments.

All Sailor pens carry a guarantee - as you would expect from a company with products renowned for their quality and performance. Many pen enthusiasts suggest Sailor produces some of the finest nibs available today.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us, as we are able to supply you with any item you desire from the beautiful Sailor pen collection.

We can normally supply any Sailor pen currently available in the UK within two working days.

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Sailor King of Pens Fountain Pen
The Wabi Sabi Limited Edition Sailor urushi lacquer fountain pens are created by the renowned Urushi artist, Wayo Shimamori. The Irogasane Sabinuri technique is used to create 88 pieces of each color worldwide and features a range of beautiful hues with stunning attention to detail in both design and craftsmanship.
Sailor 110th Anniversary Limited Edition Fountain Pen
The 110th Anniversary Fountain Pen celebrates the anniversary of Sailor's founding in 1911. The limited edition commemorative pen is a strong and individual symbol that embodies the future possibilities for creativity within Sailor's three main principles: Authenticity, Technology, and Design. The pen comes with a sterling silver cap and barrel, creating an elegant appearance that will not fade over time. Each individually numbered piece features a commemorative 110th anniversary resilient & flexible 21K gold nib and an embedded anchor cap decoration. The white shine of Shirogane creates a dignified and beautiful finish. This pen is presented in an exclusive package made of Japanese chestnut wood from Hida Takayama in Gifu Prefecture, which is famous for its woodworking products. It also comes with a Japanese-style linen pen sheath for the cap to be stored in when not in use.
Sailor Chinkin Owl Fountain Pen

Chinkin Owl

The Sailor Chinkin Owl fountain pen is a Limited Edition of 28 pieces worldwide. It is a fountain pen with 21K gold nib with bicolor plating. The ebonite used for the body of the pen has been carefully selected and has been carefuly worked by master craftsmen to create this unique and beautiful design. The design features an owl perched on a branch, which symbolizes wisdom, intelligence and good luck in Japanese culture. This design was created by Japanese Chinkin artist Etsuko Tsuruta. This beautiful piece of art is made in Japan by Sailor Pen Company one of the oldest manufacturers in Japan that produces fine writing instruments since 1911 (over 100 years). The unique design is presented in a lacquered gift box with maki-e decoration, with pen pouch, cleaning cloth and a bottle of Manyo ink.
Sailor King of Pens - Battle of Itsukushima Fountain Pen
The Battle of Itsukushima was a famous battle fought in 1555 between Motonari Mori and Harukata Sue (two well-known Samurai warlords). The action took place at the site now known as Isukushima Shrine, on Miyajima island. Moris army of 4,000 troops defeated Sues 20,000 men who had been dispatched to attack them from another direction. This special 33 piece Limited edition Maki-e fountain pen commemorating this famous 'Great Surprise' battle is by renowned Urushi artist Ikki Moroike.
Sailor King of Pens - Battle of Ganryu-jima Fountain Pen
This very special Limited Edition Maki-e fountain pen commemorates the Battle of Ganryu-jima, a 16th century clash between two great rivals. Miyamoto Musashi is one of the most famous Samurai and possibly the greatest swordsmen ever to have lived. His exploits have become legendary. This battle against his rival Kojiro is notable for his use of a wooden oar he fashioned into a sword against the long sword of his enemy, who specialized in a technique known as Tsubame-gaeshi, where an intentional feint was used to bring the sword to the ground in front of the opponent to then reverse the motion and attack from below. Musashi was able to combine his wooden oar with extreme fighting energy to undo his enemy and claim a great victory. The pen is made from ebonite and has a 21K gold nib with bicolor plating. The cap and barrel are decorated with maki-e (Japanese lacquer art) depicting the Battle of Ganryu-jima.
Sailor King of Pens - Battle of Sekigahara Fountain Pen
The Battle of Sekigahara is a Limited Edition maki-e fountain pen by renowned artist Ikki Moroike, a long term collaborator on special limited edition designs with Sailor Pens. It celebrates the battle in 1600 which decided the last Shogunate to rule Japan. The victory by Tokugawa Ieyasu over his rivals ensured that Japan would remain a feudal country ruled from Edo (present day Tokyo). Only 28 of these magnificent pieces exist.
Sailor Kouen Red Flame Ebonite Fountain Pen

Kouen Red Flame Ebonite

This unique limited edition of 400 fountain pens is fashioned from laminated ebonite. The motif comes from the flame, inspired by a fire in winter darkness. It features an attractive pattern and a special gold-finish Naginata-Togi nib with bi-colour plating created by Sailor artisans.
Sailor 1911 Naginata Togi fountain pen

1911 Naginata Togi

The popular 1911 Large fountain pen, offered here with a range of Naginata-togi 21K gold nibs.
Sailor 1911 Classic Fountain Pen

1911 Large

Elegant and traditional in style the Sailor 1911 Large fountain pen has a high quality 21-carat gold nib.
Sailor 1911 Ringless fountain pen

1911 Ringless

HK$2,144.33 - HK$2,573.19
The 1911 Ringless series is a new concept using the 1911 Large profile but without the cap rings, which gives it a cleaner and more Japanese aesthetic.
1911 Fude-de-Mannen calligraphy pen

1911 Fude-de-Mannen

This unusual pen from Sailor allows stroke widths from fine to broad to be produced by altering the angle. The 1911 Fude-de-Mannen comes with a gold plated stainless steel nib in the 1911 design.
Sailor 1911 Brush pen

Brush Pen

The Sailor 1911 Brush pen is a true brush pen and is refillable using Sailor Brush Pen Cartridges. It will also accept the standard Sailor converter. Replacement brush tips are available.
Sailor Ebonite King of Pens

Ebonite King of Pens

Hand-crafted from ebonite, this oversize pen is Sailor's flagship design. Natural ebonite is a traditional material for pen manufacture and imparts a particular quality and character to this magnificent writing instrument.
Sailor Professional Gear KOP

Professional Gear KOP

The Professional Gear King of Pens is the largest of the Sailor Professional Gear series. This oversize pen is available in black with either rhodium or gold trim.
Sailor Regulus fountain pen blue


A sleek modern pen, the Sailor Reglus series is available in a range of six subtle colours.
Sailor ink
Sailor's range of bottled Jentle inks including 'The Seasons', as well as cartridges, and Kiwaguro and Seiboku Ink.