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Diamine Fountain Pen Inks and Cartridges

Diamine are a British ink manufacturer established in 1864 and based in Liverpool. Diamine enjoy an enviable reputation for superior quality fountain pen inks amongst fountain pen enthusiasts the world over.

Available in 80ml glass bottles or as international standard size cartridges to fit a wide range of pen brands. Only a selection of the large range of inks are available as cartridges. Another popular Daimine product is Registrars' ink a permanent, archival waterproof fountain pen ink.

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Diamine Drawing and Calligraphy Inks
Top quality Acrylic ink. Dense, vivid and durable once dried. Ideal for craftsmen, architects, artists and schools and perfect for use with dip pens and brushes.
Diamine Fountain Pen Ink 30ml Amaranth
Diamine's core range of over 100 ink shades available in 30ml bottles. Water based, non-toxic and with a unique 'lubricant' ingredient to ensure the smoothest writing experience.
Diamine India Ink

Diamine India Ink

India ink is a simple black ink, known for it's durability and water resistance once dried. Ideal for dip pens and brushes. Commonly used for drawing and outlining, especially inking comic books.
Diamine 80ml Fountain Pen Ink
The core of the Diamine range is their vast range of fountain pen ink numbering over 100 shades. Water based, non-toxic and with a unique 'lubricant' ingredient to ensure the smoothest writing experience.
Diamine Shimmertastic Diamine Ink
A new addition to Diamine's broad range of inks, the Shimmertastic ink contains metallic gold and silver particles to give shimmer and sparkle to your writing.
Diamine 150th Anniversary Inks
This range of ink was launched in 2014 to celebrate Diamine's 150th year of production. These shades are unique to the collection and are presented in a triangular wedge-shaped bottle which will can be arranged neatly into a circle on your desk once you have collected eight of the inks.
Diamine 150th Anniversary Ink Cartridges
Diamine's celebratory range of inks marks their 150th year of production by adding these unique anniversary shades to their extensive collection. Available here as packs of 20 ink cartridges.
Diamine Fountain Pen Cartridges
An extensive range of Diamine inks in convenient 'international standard' cartridges. Choose from over thirty ink colours in boxes of 18 cartridges.
Diamine Fountain Pen Cartridges
Diamine's incredible selection of ink colours are available here as packs of six convenient 'international standard' cartridges.
Classic selection - Diamine Fountain Pen Cartridges
Choose from multiple ranges of beautifully matched ink combinations. These packs of 20 cartridges combine 5 complementary ink colours.
Diamine Music Ink Set

Diamine Music Collection

Inspired by great composers, this gift set of fountain pen inks, contains 10 colours each reflecting the tone and timbre of that particular composer. The set consists of 10 inks unique to this box set and contained in glass bottles.
Diamine Music Collection Mozart Refill
30ml refills for the Music Collection gift set
Diamine Flower Ink Gift Set

Diamine Flower Collection

This vibrant floral section of inks is presented in a 'gift' box. Each of the 10 shades is unique only to this set. Contains 10 x 30ml of highest quality fountain pen ink.
Diamine Flower Collection Marigold Refill
30ml refills for Diamine's Flower Collection gift set
Diamine Registrars Ink 30ml
Diamine Registrars ink for archival use. This ink initially writes blue before oxidising black as reacts and forms a permanent bond with the cellulose in the paper. 30ml Glass bottle.
Diamine Archival Fountain Pen Ink 100ml
A larger 100ml bottle of archival fountain pen ink for registry use and permanent record keeping.